The Paper Source Virtual Note Symposium October 2020

E-Mailings To Our Subscribers

Reach Over 16,000 Subscribers

“The e-mail campaign you did for us is working great. I am swamped with e-mails and have been since yesterday. I was worried till the first phone call. Then it was ‘Katie bar the door.’ Went to bed at eleven and got up at five. It´s five p.m. now and I haven´t caught up with the inquiries yet. I have computer skills I didn’t have before.” — Richard G. Davis, President, Davis Financial Services

“Since you sent out the e-blast my life has changed. My focus has gone from finding people to being able to manage the deals. I now have more than 70 people who want to refer potential sellers to me. That beats all the marketing efforts that I have ever made.” — Vince Toomey, President, Capital Trusts Inc. 

Reach Over 16,000 Pre-Qualified Prospects With Your Targeted E-Mail Message — And Include Links To Your Website and/or E-mail!

This list is the LARGEST and HIGHEST-QUALITY LIST in the industry.

How can we say it is the highest-quality list? Because everyone on it has subscribed.

Removal instructions are in each e-mail, so those who are no longer interested take themselves off. Thus, every recipient is a highly pre-qualified prospect.

You can include active links to your e-mail and/or website.

Only $50.00 for TWO mailings.

“I am getting a great response already (from your e-mailing). Please let me know what other kinds of advertising or programs I can do with The Paper Source.” — George Bechakas, Debt Outlet

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