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Owner Sues Zillow Claiming $1M Home Was Wrongly Listed as a Foreclosure

A plastic surgeon who’s trying to sell his Charleston, SC area home says a false statement on the Zillow website hurt his reputation, and he wants the online real estate giant to cover his losses.

Dennis Schimpf filed a defamation and negligence lawsuit in Berkeley County this week, alleging the website inaccurately reported that his Woodford Street home was in foreclosure.

Schimpf, in court papers, says the foreclosure notice was on Zillow’s website for more than two weeks in January 2018. Once he became aware of it, Schimpf said he contacted legal counsel to have it removed. The inaccurate information was then removed within days.

“Unfortunately, by the time the false information was removed from the Zillow website, (Schimpf) and the property had already suffered significant injuries and damages, and would continue to suffer significant injuries and damages thereafter,” the lawsuit states.

The complaint was filed days before the two-year statute of limitations on defamation cases was set to expire.

In addition to unspecified financial losses, Schimpf wants Zillow to compensate him for damage to his reputation, mental anguish and emotional distress, humiliation and anxiety, lost enjoyment of life, inconvenience and legal fees.


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