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“The Paper Source Journal has been a very valuable source of information for me. I’ve been a subscriber for most of your years of publication.” — Nick Buschur, Grants Pass, Oregon, #1 Broker for the largest note investment firm in the world for an unprecedented 3 years in a row, est. annual volume $15.8 million.

If you use the secure server button above to subscribe (FREE), you will get the Registry of Note Investors IMMEDIATELY — the major regional and national note investment companies, exactly what they buy, complete contact info, links to their websites and emails.  ALSO companies with products and services for note investors and brokers (software, hedge funds with notes available, servicers, etc.)

THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL has been guiding mortgage brokers since 1987. Imitators come and go, but we remain the oldest & most professional. Our expert writers have been in the industry for years. When you subscribe you´ll get the benefit of their decades of experience — unavailable anywhere else.

Each month in THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL we tell you exactly what to do, and what not to do, based on our own and our writers´ experiences. Our writers DO what they write about. They tell you what has worked for them and what hasn´t. You´ll learn the field-tested secrets of the pros — many revealed for the very first time!

“Absolutely the best newsletter about the mortgage (cash flow) market is The Paper Source Journal. It´s a wellspring of good quality information and experience.” — Home Income Reporter Magazine
“THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL is a great newsletter, national in scope… articles are contributed by subscribers of enormous experience, providing facinating insights to the business. This publication is essential reading.” – George Coats, Author of “Smart Trust Deed Investment,” the all-time best-selling book on notes.
I was absolutely overwhelmed at the quality content of the newsletter. I wish I had subscribed before this!” Victor Wagner, President, Flexible Mortgage Co.

THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL has recouped our subscription costs incalcuably over the years.  What we´ve learned and the contacts we´ve made through it…has made our business grow phenomenally. Obviously we wouldn´t be without it! – Tom Hennigan, President, EscroServ, Inc.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the info you provide will cut 10 years off my learning curve.– Mark Pouncey
“We would recommend a subscription to THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL to anyone serious about the business.” – Dick Smith, former long-time Metropolitan Mortgage Co. Contract Buyer
“We all can learn from the courses, but THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL will fine-tune that knowledge into everyday use. I´m brand-new to note investing and need all the knowledge I can get. I´ve found THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL is quality on-the-job training.”– A subscriber, Woodburn, Oregon

“THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL is a great newsletter… It just gets better and better. The articles are super! If you want to get started, if you are an expert, or if you just want to learn, THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL is a must.” – Albuquerque Congress on Real Estate Newsletter

When you subscribe for FREE — in addition to your 12 big monthly issues — you´ll receive THE REGISTRY OF NOTE INVESTORS — the most accurate, up-to-date listing, available only to our subscribers.
Plus our famous money-back guarantee: If THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL isn´t for you, just let us know within 30 days and you´ll get a full refund (pro-rated after that). Order or renew right now on our state-of-the-art SECURE SERVER. 1 year subscription + the Registry of Investors for just $79.00 If you use the secure server button above to subscribe, you will get the e-Registry of Investors IMMEDIATELY!


“A mini-course in making money in note investing and brokering delivered right to your inbox every month!”

It´s like sitting down with the best-known names in the industry for your own private consultation!

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