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The Reference Standard Of The Industry — Where Investors Meet Sellers

In Print And On The Internet

For Investors And Those Who Provide Products & Services To The Industry

2013 is the 24th Year of Publication

THE PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY OF NOTE INVESTORS is the standard reference in the industry. Approximately 14,000 copies are in circulation among the nation’s most active note brokers, investors and referral sources. It is also on the Internet, with direct links to investors´ e-mail and websites.

If your company signs up now to be included, your listing will appear in the Internet Edition immediately and in the next Print Edition to be sent to all PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL subscribers.

Inclusion in the Registry is available to note investors, Master Brokers and companies that provide products or services to the industry. If you have access to funding unavailable to most note brokers, you qualify. If you are a Master Broker or provide products or services to the industry, you also qualify.

If you meet the qualifications for inclusion we invite you to complete the application. The Basic Listing fee (contact information, what you buy) is $250.00.

The Enhanced Listing Includes Your Business Logo, Banner Ad On Our Website, Extra Advertising Space and More
The Enhanced Listing gives you everything in the Basic Listing plus up to 250 extra words to advertise your company. You can have your business logo, headlines, bolding, italics and even color (in the E-Registry only; no color is possible in the print version). In the E-Registry on the Internet, you can have your logo and anything else as a live link directly to your website or any page on your website. The Enhanced Listing is an additional $145.00.

The Registry is published in hard copy and on the Internet. Updates of the Registry will be published in both places and you can make changes to your listing at any time.

For both the Basic and Enhanced listings, your company will also be featured on the Internet in the E-Registry at no additional charge, with direct links to your e-mail and website. You will be able to update your listing at any time.

If you qualify as a genuine INVESTOR under the above definition, or if you provide products or services to the note industry (including as a mentor, coach or Master Broker), we invite you to complete the application. Just go to one of the sub-tabs under “Registry of Investors” on the top of this page.

If you have questions, please e-mail via the “Contact Us” tab, or call 1-800-542-2270.

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