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Don’t spend thousands of dollars on training courses, including “boot camps,” “coaching,” etc.
You can learn the cash flow note investing business for much less. And NEVER sign up with a training program that also has notes for sale.  Here’s why.

  • If you believe the “gurus” who claim you can make a fortune while you are still in your pajamas, you won’t like us.
  • I don’t do mass marketing, and I don’t sell dreams.  I tell you the good and the bad, and the fact that most people who think this is a get-rich-quick plan fail.
  • What I do is buy notes and teach others how to invest in and/or broker them.  I firmly believe you have to earn the right to teach.
  • If you want to learn more about notes you should take it slowly and easily — and start free.
  • I want to make it as easy as possible for you to decide if this is for you BEFORE YOU SPEND A PENNY. So do one thing right now:

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W. J. Mencarow
President, The Paper Source, Inc.

P.S. I know you must have a lot of questions, so spend time looking around the website. There´s a great deal of information here. Make sure you read the FAQs as well as all the other pages, and sign up for the free e-course.


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U.S. Short More Than 5M Houses, But Construction Can’t Match Demand

Published by Newsmax | September 14, 2021 With the shortage comes rising prices for new and existing homes—and at a record pace. The supply of U.S. homes for sale is reportedly near a record low as the gap between supply and demand widens. CNBC, citing new research from Realtor.com, reported Tuesday the nation is short

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New Hard Money Lending Scam 2021

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W. J. Mencarow

Biden Releases Plan for 100K Affordable Housing Units in 3 Years

Published by Florida Realtors | September 1, 2021 A cross section of federal agencies tinkered with policies in an effort to boost affordable housing and the middle class, according to the White House. For example, homesteading buyers will have more exclusive time (30 days) to buy foreclosed homes under FHFA. The Biden Administration announced a

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