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Don’t spend thousands of dollars on training courses, including “boot camps,” “coaching,” etc.
You can learn the cash flow note investing business for much less. And NEVER sign up with a training program that also has notes for sale.  Here’s why.

  • If you believe the “gurus” who claim you can make a fortune while you are still in your pajamas, you won’t like us.
  • I don’t do mass marketing, and I don’t sell dreams.  I tell you the good and the bad, and the fact that most people who think this is a get-rich-quick plan fail.
  • What I do is buy notes and teach others how to invest in and/or broker them.  I firmly believe you have to earn the right to teach.
  • If you want to learn more about notes you should take it slowly and easily — and start free.
  • I want to make it as easy as possible for you to decide if this is for you BEFORE YOU SPEND A PENNY. So do one thing right now:

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W. J. Mencarow
President, The Paper Source, Inc.

P.S. I know you must have a lot of questions, so spend time looking around the website. There´s a great deal of information here. Make sure you read the FAQs as well as all the other pages, and sign up for the free e-course.



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W. J. Mencarow

CCP Virus Prompted Americans to Flee Big Cities

Published by FOX Business | January 5, 2021 Arrivals to the entire Bay Area dropped 31% compared to 2019 The coronavirus pandemic triggered an exodus from the country’s most densely populated areas, particularly New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, according to a new report. According to U-Haul, which analyzed migration trends in 2020, those once-thriving areas have seen an overwhelming

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W. J. Mencarow

The Reason Most Buyers Can’t Get A Home Under $100k

Published by REALTOR.com | December 30, 2020 In November, there were more than 50,100 listings nationwide for single-family homes priced at $100,000 or less on realtor.com® Across the nation, home prices have shot up to unheard-of heights even during the pandemic—because there are still people hunting for homes (preferably with their own yard and space

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Self-Employed and Applying for a Mortgage in the COVID Era

Published by REALTOR.com | November 2, 2020 While freelancing undoubtedly has its perks, helping you get a mortgage is not one of them. The gig economy has blown up in the past few years, with more and more people choosing to work as freelancers, either by starting their own businesses, or by picking up non-salaried

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W. J. Mencarow

U.S. Bankruptcy Tracker: Virus Sparks Worst December Since 2011

Published by National Real Estate Investor | December 22, 2020 The 44 bankruptcies by companies with over $50 million since Oct. 1 make the fourth quarter the worst period since 2009. (Bloomberg)—Last month saw 16 large companies file for bankruptcy protection in the U.S., the most of any December since 2011, according to Bloomberg data.

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W. J. Mencarow

What Will 2021 Be Like For Buyers and Sellers?

The following is an excerpt from an article published by REALTOR.com What will 2021 be like for buyers? The housing market in 2021 will be much more hospitable for buyers as an increased number of existing sellers and ramp up in new construction restore some bargaining power for buyers, especially in the second half of

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America’s New Remote Workers Are Moving—Here’s Where

Written by Erin Spradlin and published by Bigger Pockets | December 21, 2020 Why Real Estate Investors Should Care About Remote Workers NPR is reporting 14–23 million people will be moving because they are no longer tethered to their jobs. I think this is a very important tenant pool that can help you transition out of Airbnb

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