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Complete Information On Note Investment Firms and Companies With Products And Services For Note Investors And Brokers (online) For Over A Quarter Of A Century

The Industry Standard Reference

Note funding sources and companies with products and services for the industry is what The PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY is all about.  We’ve been publishing it since 1992, and it is the standard reference in the industry. It is on the Internet with direct links to companies’ e-mail and websites. In it you will find buyers of virtually every marketable cash flow, PLUS software for note investors and brokers, servicers, title companies, etc.  

You get their phone numbers, email addresses, contact names and websites.  Each investor tells you what type of notes they buy, where (nationally, regionally, or by states), maximum and minimum size, if they buy portfolios/pools, if they lend money, if they buy partials, if they have a minimum discount and how much, their minimum payor’s credit score and much more.  

The REGISTRY is on the Internet and is updated whenever necessary.

“W. J. Mencarow, the Paper Source president, probably knows more note investors than anyone in the U.S.” — Ken Gain, MAI, SRS, CCIM, CRE, AI-GRS, former National President of the Real Estate Securities and Syndication Institute.

“Why can’t I just search the Internet for investors?”

You can — but how will you know who’s an investor and who’s a broker claiming to be an investor? You can go directly to the funding source with THE PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY.

The fact is, there are very few true end-investors — those who buy cash flow notes with their own sources of funds.  95%+ of the websites that claim to be investors are really brokers, selling to the investors in THE PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY.

Unlike websites and unlike any other list of cash flow funding sources, each investor in the Registry signs a legal affidavit affirming that they are an end-investor. If we discover differently, they are removed from the Registry. Most of them are well-known to us and to the Industry.  After all, we’ve been publishing the Registry for 30 years, plus we’ve been in the note business since 1981.  We know who the real players are.

The Registry is continuously updated as necessary on the Internet and in THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL. There are 58 note investment companies and those with products and services in the current Registry.

“Do you have a buyer for my note?”  “Can you recommend a servicer?”  “Who do you recommend to handle a foreclosure?”  “Do you know an attorney or accountant that is familiar with notes?”

We are frequently asked those questions, and we always give them recommendations from the firms and people in THE PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY. 

If your company buys notes or offers a product or service to note investors or brokers, you should be in it — your competition probably is. Click on the tab above: “Note Investor Registry Application” or “Products and Services Vendor Application.” You can also e-mail W. J. Mencarow (use the “Contact Us” tab above) or call 800-542-2270.

Every company in the Registry gets a free e-mailings to our 21,000-plus subscribers AND a feature in the PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL.


Cash Flow Funding Sources In The Current Registry of Note Investors
(most buy multiple types of notes):

Direct Purchasers of single family house notes
Direct Purchasers of distressed or defaulted notes
Direct Purchasers of business notes
Direct Purchasers of multifamily residential notes
Direct Purchases of condo notes
Direct Purchasers of vacation/second home notes
Direct Purchasers of commercial property notes
Direct Purchasers of land notes
Direct Purchasers of lot notes
Direct Purchasers of structured settlements
Direct Purchasers of industrial property notes
Direct Purchasers of mobile home notes with land
Direct purchase of mobile home notes WITHOUT land
Direct Purchaser of accounts receivable
Direct Purchaser of Commodity Credit Corp. payments
Direct Purchasers of second position notes
Direct Purchaser of third position notes
Direct Purchasers of lottery winnings
Direct Purchasers of annuities
Direct Purchasers of inheritances
Direct Purchasers of notes from trusts
Direct Purchasers of real estate leases
Direct Purchaser of equipment leases
Direct Purchasers of unsecured notes
Direct Purchasers of tax certificates
Direct Purchasers of judgments
Direct Purchasers of royalties
Direct Purchasers of boat notes
Direct Purchaser of notes internationally
Direct Purchasers of casino jackpots
Direct Purchaser of co-op notes
Direct Purchasers of notes from mergers & acquisitions


How To Get The Registry of Investors

The Registry of Note Investors is a service to PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL subscribers.

You will get access to the Registry IMMEDIATELY by subscribing for FREE:

How To Be In The Registry of Investors

If you are a true investor — meaning you use sources of funds unavailable to others, such as your own funds, your own lines of credit or other capital sources unavailable to others — or if you are a mentor, master broker or provide a product or service to note investors or brokers, you need to be in the Registry.
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