How Do I Sell My Promissory Note

Do you need to sell a note you carried back when you sold you home or other piece of real estate?- Your are on the right websites, we buy both real estate and business notes.

We can buy notes quickly and easily and turn your note into cash you spend.

  • You can have piece of mind as  we are private buyers of seller financed notes and Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Land Contacts and Deeds of Trust.
  • We buy both notes secured by real estate and we also buy business notes.
  • Once we agree to buy your note we can close quickly and in many cases in 10 days or less.


Many time people take back a promissory note when they sell their home with seller financing, this can be turned into cold hard cash by using the services of a note broker or note Investors. Note Investors are constantly looking for good notes, trusts deeds or mortgage to buy for there investment portfolio. We are often asked how do I sell my real estate note or how do I sell my promissory note. The first thing we need is some general information about the note itself. If you would like for us to give you an idea what we might pay for your note, please complete the form by click the image below:

Sell My Note

Mortgage Notes

The Who, What, How, Why’s and more on Selling My Mortgage Note

Who are selling their notes?

So many more owners are selling. Owner financing is increasing with by agreeing to accept payments from buyers. The owner consents to take back a note, deed of trust, mortgage or contract for a variety of reasons. These may include the quick sale of a property, and/or the property is hard to finance. The owner also may want the monthly income from a note with no hassles of bank financing. More qualified buyers are available.

What is a note appraisal?

The current market value is what a note appraisal produces. It is similar to what a real estate appraisal is provided for real property.

The value of the note is determined by all the terms of the current agreement such as the interest rate and payment amount. The details of the property such as the condition and value of the property are also taken into consideration.

Why should I sell my mortgage note?

The reasons people sell are many. Some people no longer want to deal with the accounting, paperwork, and IRS regulations. Some people sell because they have an unforeseen financial obligation from medical care, college tuition, taxes, or even vacation! Perhaps there is an investment opportunity where cash is needed.  Maybe they no longer want to worry if the buyer is going to make a payment.

The impact to the payer is none except that of where payments are sent.

How can I support the value of my note?

To keep your note valuable, record keeping is essential.  Make sure copies are made of all payments received, property insurance policies are current, as well as property tax paid on time.

Do I have to sell my whole note or can I sell part of it?

A part of your note can be sold.  Many people choose to sell just enough of their note for a lump sum to meet their cash needs today.  A portion of each monthly payment can also be paid for cash.

What do I need to get started?

Call us!  Then start getting your paperwork together.  We will ask for copies of all relevant documents such as your note and mortgage (Deed of Trust or Contract), payment history with current balance, title insurance policy, hazard insurance policy, buyer information, and closing statement.


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