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personally hand-picked by W. J. Mencarow, President of The Paper Source, Inc., Editor of THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL

Get it today for only $199.95!

“The Complete Package is awesome! By far the best information I have found about the note industry.” — Michael Jarrett, Camdenton, Mo


“With the advice of Mike Meeker, who says your course is the best available, period, I purchased your Complete Package. The depth and breadth of this material is amazing. I am just breaking the surface, and this will be a life-changing experience. Many thanks for the efforts you have put into creating this material, and for putting profit into second place and helping others into first place.” — Carlton Rowell

From PAPER SOURCE President W. J. Mencarow

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE IN NOTES.  It is a digital dump of almost everything we have available, in no particular order.  IT IS NOT A STEP-BY-STEP COURSE — it is for those who want to focus in on certain topics and pick and choose what they want to self-study.  For structured training, including videos, visit

In this complete package you´ll get training from people who measure their experience in the cash flow note business in decades, not months. I´ve personally hand-picked these teaching materials. I´ve assembled the best of everything we offer and cut the price drastically compared to ordering them individually. You´ll also get a one-page study guide to the materials.  You´ll get:

* Make Money Trading Mortgages by Del Ashby.
The best introductory book on cash flow note brokering.

* How To Get Started Profiting From Notes by W. J. Mencarow

* The Paper Source Registry Of Note Investors
The most current edition of the reference standard of the industry, published annually since 1990. All the investors you´ll ever need and what they want to buy.

* Almost Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong With A Note (and how to prevent it!) by W. J. Mencarow

* The Paper Source´s Own Contracts, Worksheets, Checklists, Forms & Sample Letters
Every essential document you must have for your cash flow note business.

* 50 Contracts And Forms For Notes And Real Estate
Advanced documents when you need them.

* Lorelei´s Legal Lessons — The Essential Guide For Note Brokers by Lorelei Stevens, President of Wall Street Brokers.

* One-year subscription to THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL.

Plus this incredible bonus —


(click here to see all that´s included)

That´s right! You´ll receive over 300 profit-centered articles, contracts, forms and sample letters, all written by the most successful note brokers and investors. You´ll get all the invaluable information in these categories:

* The Art of the Deal

* How To Find Notes

* Especially For Beginners

* Negotiation

* Wealth-Building Strategies

* Note Niches (cash flows other than real estate notes)

* Hot Issues!

* Forms and Contracts

(to see all you will get in this bonus, go to

All the training materials in The Complete Package are hand-picked by PAPER SOURCE President W. J. Mencarow. Purchased separately they would cost almost $500.00. Buy The Complete Package and they are yours for $199.95!

Why is it so inexpensive?

We don’t do costly infomercials, telemarketing, etc., and we don’t have fancy offices and a big staff, so we can charge much less. Plus, you get this huge savings because (except for THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL) all the materials come to you as a digital download. Save all the files to your hard disk and read or print them when you need them.

Is this a complete training program?

The Complete Package is a large number of downloads with a one-page guide as to what to read first, second, etc.  It’s not a step-by-step training program by any means; it is designed for people who have the training already, or have a highly developed ability for self-study and prefer that.

For a training package, including videos, go to

Order now and get started immediately! Get it today for only $199.95. Download information will be e-mailed to you. 

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