Note Investors Beware!

“There is an inherent conflict of interest with any education program that offers investment assets as well. Note investors beware: someone can’t be an impartial and expert educator and also offer assets for sale.

“The educator’s fiduciary obligation is to teach discerning and quality due diligence (and to help one master the art of the negotiation) to maximize the student’s profit from the acquisition of an asset.

“The note seller’s function is to maximize the asset’s sale price.

“The two are, by definition, in conflict. If you expect a two-for-one deal you’re merely asking to get screwed.” — Dean Engle,

This was published in a recent issue of THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL.  To read a sample issue, hover over the tab “Paper Source Journal” at the top of this page and click “Read A Free Issue.”  

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