Homeowner Arrested After Trying to Evict Squatters From His Own Property

Published by The New York Post | August 16, 2023

A homeowner stopped by to check on his suburban Atlanta property — only to be arrested for trespassing.

Days after the departure of a previous tenant, Tim Arko pulled into the driveway of his house in desirable Decatur, where he suddenly encountered a stranger waving a gun in his face.

“I just jumped the fence and ran. I didn’t know what else to do,” Arko told local channel WSB-TV.

“I didn’t walk in on a family eating dinner. I walked in on weapons, a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, my fence broken down,” he told a reporter.

After dialing 911 to report the intrusion, Arko was astonished to find himself being arrested and taken into police custody.

“They told the police that I was a home invader and that it was their home. And so I ended up being arrested and detained,” Arko said.

Since then, Arko has been fighting to evict the alleged squatters in court.

Six months later, they are still living in Arko’s home.

Two people have died in the residence from overdoses during that time.

Code enforcement has even cited Arko for not properly maintaining the house he legally can’t access.

After lengthy court delays, an eviction order was finally signed.

Arko still awaits marshals, however, to conduct the eviction.

Arko said he has been informed by marshals that they are hoping for a September eviction.

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