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Jimmy Napier Has Died

Jimmy Napier, who many credit with giving them their start in note investment (including me), has died at age 83.  Jimmy authored the ground-breaking book “Invest In Debt,” which for many people was their first introduction to the concept of discounted paper.  He also taught numerous seminars and recorded courses during the 1970’s until recently.

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From his bio:

In June of 1971 Jimmy Napier left the security of a steady job with a big company to sell rural properties full time and learn as much as he could about real estate by attending classes and seminars. Armed with this knowledge, a strong desire to succeed, and an innate ability to communicate with others, he began his own successful real estate and mortgage investing firm.

Jimmy was convinced anyone with knowledge and desire could, with a little help be successful by using his methods anywhere in the United States. He was confident enough in his convictions to take a risk which has given him financial independence and has also paid off for thousands of students who have studied and applied the “Napier Method.”

When this entrepreneur left the security of his eight to five world back in 1971 to sell rural properties he began a concentrated effort to absorb as much knowledge as possible about real estate and the various methods by buying, financing, and trading properties. The time for establishing his own brokerage firm came at the beginning of 1973.

When word of his success and ensuing prosperity began to spread other real estate professionals began seeking his advice and counsel. He became a much sought after speaker and instructor.

He continued to build his business and was eventually named “Exchangor of the Year” for the state of Florida. With his teaching career in full swing, accolades continued to come his way. In 1982 Napier was proclaimed “Outstanding Educator in Creative Real Estate” at the annual Creative Real Estate Expo. “Creative Real Estate Magazine”, along with other national lecturers and instructors, voted Napier the best in his field.

Today Jimmy recognizes the importance of these awards from his peers and feels they are among the highest any person in real estate and finance lecturing can receive.

Jimmy’s tremendous success as an instructor has placed him in constant demand by real estate groups from across the country. His method offers an extra motivational boost for those who think they lack the essentials to success.

His ability to utilize plain talk and to articulate his “how to win” methods has been lauded by those he teaches. He stands as a fine example that the “Napier Method” is simple, workable, and can be highly profitable for those seeking to break away and take control of their own lives.

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