New York Landlord Homeless, Unable to Evict ‘Deadbeat’ Tenant

Published by Fox News | March 13, 2021

Sharita Patterson allegedly owes $14,700 in back rent, but bought a new car during the pandemic.

A Brooklyn homeowner unable to evict an allegedly deadbeat tenant because of new state housing laws claims she has been forced to live in her car for weeks.

Shawna Eccles, 30, says in court papers she sleeps on the couches of friends and relatives whenever she can, and in her four-door Toyota when she can’t, after fighting and failing for months to evict Sharita Patterson, 33, from the two-family home in Carnarsie.

“There is no one I can stay with until I am able to evict, and all of my money covers the mortgage, water bill and property taxes,” Eccles told The Post. “If anything gets cut off, it will be considered an illegal eviction. I have no additional funds to rent an apartment.”

Thanks to the state’s pandemic-inspired eviction moratorium and recently enacted housing regulations, Patterson has until at least May 1 before any New York housing court would even consider a case against her.

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