The Cash Flow Event Of 2020
IT’S BAAACK !!!!  
    After 8 years – the Trump administration VA Secretary has brought back the most powerful investment tool for building long term wealth in real estate and note investing that I know of… THE Veterans Administration VENDEE FINANCED FORECLOSURE PROGRAM. 
    Over the last decade I have become known as the Non-Performing Junior Lien expert, but my first investment started in 1996 with the purchase of a VA foreclosure.  Where else can you make a small 5% investment (Option) as a down payment on a quality 3/2 Single Family Residence (SFR) in a strong location and have the fixed 30 year VA Vendee financing allow your high quality, long-term tenant, (Buy and Hold) the ability to cover your mortgage and pay the house off for you? 
Real Estate Investment 
$200k House Value 
$10k Down Payment (5%) 
$1,200 Monthly Mortgage Payment 
(4.5% fixed 30 year Vendee loan) 
$1,500 Monthly Rental Income 
Note Investment 
“Owner Will Finance at 20% down, 8% interest” 
$40k Borrower Down Payment (20%) 
$2k Per Month Borrower income (net $500) 
Frequently-Asked Questions 
How does the VA Foreclosure process get started? 
    A US Veteran purchases a home with the zero down VA benefit program and loses it later to foreclosure. The VA foreclosure division that guarantees the loan takes it back and sells (with amazing investor financing) to the highest bidder. 
Do I have to be a Veteran to buy these foreclosures? 
Where do I find them? 
Contact the listed Broker for the property of interest. 
What are the terms of these investor loans? 
    5% down payment (plus closing costs), 30 year fully amortizing, assumable loans at 4-5% interest rates. 
How do I qualify? 
    A single, national lender took over the financing program in 2019. They can prequalify you. 
How many VA foreclosure investor loans can I get? 
    Unlimited — let me say that again….  UNLIMITED 
Is it really that easy? 
    No – nothing in life is – get over “EASY” and get on with it! 

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