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Vacation rental owners say there’s ‘no light at the end of tunnel’ amid coronavirus

Vacation rental owners nationwide are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus while their properties sit empty.

Jenn Cook has two rental properties in Florida that were booked into the summer season before the pandemic began.

“I mean, pretty much all of our pending reservations, canceled, every single one of them. As soon as they started to do this quarantine thing, it was kind of a ripple effect,” Cook said.

Cook’s income from her rental properties has drastically declined and she doesn’t know when things will get better.

“We usually make about $12,000 a month between the two vacation rentals that we have. We’ve lost March, we’ve lost April…and we don’t know how bad it’s going to be,” Cook said.

Thousands of rental owners are in similar situations. Rich Munroe, a rental owner in Georgia said it feels like they are living in the unknown.

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