LA Landlords May Have To Pay Tax For NOT Renting

The Los Angeles City Council is currently considering whether to develop an “empty home” tax for unoccupied residential units.

The potential move comes after it was found that there are about 100,000 housing units currently available in the city, while at the same time there are an estimated 60,000 people who are homeless.

“We hope that this makes people bring human beings into those units, but if they decide not to, they’ll give some money to the city so we can build housing for human beings,” explained Marqueece Harris-Dawson, (D) Los Angeles City Council member. “If people have the money to hold a vacant property then they have the money to pay a penalty.”

Details of the proposed “empty homes” tax, including the dollar amount of the penalties, has yet to be determined. The move is likely to be put on the ballot next year.

PAPER SOURCE editor’s comment:  How will “homeless” people pay rent?

FILE – In this May 10, 2018 file photo, a homeless person sits at his tent along the Interstate 110 freeway downtown Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti is paying a political price for the city’s homeless crisis. An effort is underway to recall the two-term Democrat from office prompted by widespread complaints about homeless encampments throughout the city. Figures released earlier this month showed a 16% jump in LA’s homeless population over the last year, pegging it at 36,300, the size of a small city. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

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