Foreclosure Auction + 12 Things You Can Do With A Note

Did you know that there are at least 12 things you can do with a note?  Read on!
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See below for the article “12 Things You Can Do With A Promissory Note”

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12 Things You Can Do With A Promissory Note
by Lawrence (Larry) Tepper

Promissory Notes Solve Problems! 

Promissory notes are valuable finance tools. Unfortunately, they are underused because they are not understood. They have 12 or more important uses, including:

1.     Hold for investment income

2.     Hold in a tax-free or tax-deferred IRA account for income

3.     Sell for cash

4.     Exchange for real estate

5.     Use as a down payment on real estate

6.     Use a security for a loan

7.     Use to repay a debt

8.     Use to make a gift

9.     Use to reduce taxable income

10.  Used to divide assets in a business or domestic settlement

11.  Each of the notes’ payments can be sold—partially or in total

12.  A note’ balloon balance can be sold—partially of in total

???????Depending on the note’s characteristics and your goals, many, many possibilities exist 
to improve your financial picture. 

My promissory note knowledge has been gained over 35 + years of actual experience–not textbook theory.

Please review my website for more information and a personal resume.

Contact me to discuss any type of promissory note matter—at no charge.

Lawrence (Larry) Tepper

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