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Published by the National Apartment Association | October 14, 2021

Stop the federal government from harming rental housing again by making it pay for the damage it caused over the last year through its eviction moratorium. If they realize they will have to pay for poor policies, they might think twice before damaging rental housing again. Please join NAA’s lawsuit.

The industry’s future depends on property owners’ participation—even if their organizations experienced limited losses. Even if you don’t own property, you can help by sharing the fact that a favorable ruling will define eviction moratorium policies as unlawful government takings of private property and ideally prevent the federal, state and local governments from using “emergency measures” to halt evictions in the future.

The rental housing industry needs eligible property owners to join the lawsuit and requests all industry stakeholders share the urgency and importance of this message with all property owners in your networks. Spread awareness using the toolkit and flyers and talk about what’s at stake. The future and survival of rental housing depends on it.

Since the onset of the pandemic, NAA has aggressively advocated to protect the interests of the rental housing industry:

  • NAA called out the dangers and short-sightedness of eviction moratoria and asked for its sunset to both the 116th and 117th Congresses, in meetings with both White House administrations and across all levels of media.
  • NAA is among the first to take legal action challenging the CDC’s authority last September and continues to support ongoing legal challenges.
  • With the meter on rent debt still running, political will waning and Congress moving past COVID-relief measures, NAA is putting up the greatest fight yet and asking the courts for two things—fair compensation for damages suffered under the unlawful CDC order and an assurance that the federal government can never do this again.

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