How Much Value Has The Dollar Lost Recently?

A package of 600 Great Value paper napkins purchased several years ago from WalMart cost $3.97. The same brand a few years later was the same price, but there were only 500 napkins. Last week, the same brand in new packaging still cost $3.97, but the napkin count was 300.

The cause of this is the Federal Reserve which creates more dollars each day chasing the same amount of goods, so it takes more dollars to buy them. Manufacturers, instead of showing the rising price, choose to reduce the quantity or quality of their goods, and most people thereby are not aware of how severe inflation actually is.

The US now is $22 trillion in debt as a result of creating that extra money. Gary Gileno thinks that, just before the 2020 election, the Fed will crash the economy, and the media will blame capitalism and Trump. He says the leftists then will take power and implement hard socialism. Very pessimistic scenario, but there is considerable evidence to support his prediction.


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