The Cash Flow Event Of 2020



PROPERTY ADDRESS _______________________________________________
CITY ________________________________________________ STATE _______
COUNTY _______________________________________ ZIP _______________

NOTE HOLDER’S NAME _____________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________________________
PHONE(______)________________  EMAIL_____________________________

What kind of property secures the note (i.e., single family house, duplex, commercial, etc.)?


Is this note (circle):  Performing    Non-performing   Reperforming

If non-performing, what is the status of foreclosure?

If non-performing, only complete the following questions that apply:

Is this note a (circle): 1st lien / 2nd lien

Only complete the next four lines if the note is NOT a first lien:

Amount of the 1st lien $____________ Current balance: $_____________________

Interest rate_____%  Monthly payment $__________ Does this include taxes & insurance?____

Is it a (check one) FHA mortgage ___ VA___ Conventional ___ Farm Credit ____ Private ___ Other ___________

Contact information for 1st lien holder:
City ____________________________ State _______ County ___________________________ ZIP ___________




Is the property occupied by the note payor? ________ (If not) Is it rented? _____ Rent $__________

How long has the current tenant rented the property?

What was the sale price of the property? $_________________ Sale date? ____________

How much cash did the buyer put down? $_________________

What was the original balance of the mortgage for sale? $________________ Current balance? $_________________

What is the amount of each payment? $________________ per __________

If there is a balloon due: Amount of balloon: $____________________ Due date ___________

What was the date of the first payment? ___________________________________________

How many payments have been made_? ______________ How many remain? _______________

What is the face interest rate of the mortgage? ___________

Are the payments current? _________ If not, how far behind? ______________________

How much did the property appraise for? $____________ When was the appraisal done?_______________

What is the address of the property securing the mortgage? _____________________________________________

City ____________________________ State _______ County ___________________________ ZIP ___________

Describe the property & neighborhood in detail:






How often has the payor been late making the payment? _________

Are the payments current? _______

If not current, how far behind? _________

If not current, what actions have the note holder taken?



What is the payor’s employment? ______________________

What is their name(s), address and (if known) S.S. No.? ______________________________________





Why does the note holder want to sell the note?

How much cash do they need right now? $______________

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