Sherman Skolnick

I just found Sherman Skolnick’s website.  I became friends with him when I did a radio show in Chicago in the 70s.  Sherman was one of my most frequent guests. He spent all of his time digging up truths that politicians wanted to keep buried. He’d then do everything he could to publicize his findings. He was very smart and knew he would be smeared by the press, etc., so he had to have solid proof and did.

Most people thought Sherman was a gadfly at best and a nut case at worst — until he succeeded in getting the Illinois legislature to investigate the Chief Judge of the Ill. Supreme Court and an associate Judge. They both were forced to resign.

He then went after former Ill. Governor, former Federal Judge and liberal icon Otto Kerner (“the Kerner Report,” if you recall, which said the race riots of 1967 were the fault of the white race for oppressing blacks). The press, ACLU, Plague of Women Vipers (a.k.a. League of Women Voters), and the rest of the liberal establishment threw everything they could at Sherman. But Kerner went to jail on 17 counts of bribery, perjury and conspiracy involving a mobbed-up racetrack outside of Chicago.  (“Mobbed-up racetrack,” as though there is any other kind in Chicago!)

Here’s his website. It has tons of free articles. Agree or disagree with him, he was never boring.  Enjoy!

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