Woman returns to find strangers living in her house

A South Carolina woman returned home from vacation to find another family had moved into her recently purchased house.

Upon arriving to the home, Katherine Lang noticed a dog and a cat wandering the property, as well as a pair of women talking inside, the Beaufort Gazette reported.

“I said, ‘What are you doing in my house?’” Lang told the paper. “It became clear to me what happened.”

Shepherd told the paper she found the three-bedroom furnished home advertised in a Facebook group for $850 a month posted by a woman named Rosie Ruggles. She wired $1,150 for the fake lease, and was told to use the unlocked back door to start moving her belongings into the house because the person delivering the keys had been arrested.

Lang bought the house in October, but was still living at her previous home waiting for it to sell. After returning from vacation, she decided to check on the pipes due to the recent cold weather and that’s when she noticed the unwelcomed guests.

A schedule has been set for Shepherd to move out, and Lang has decided to soon move into her new home.

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