‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ could rank as mortgage lender

(Contributed by DeWitt Ingram, who comments, “This can easily be spun into private note lending through your church, neighborhood association, alumni organizations, etc. – even if the new borrowers are not your kids!”)

Parents are increasingly helping their adult children buy their first home. In fact, a new study suggests that if families were considered a financial institution, the “Bank of Mom and Dad” would be the seventh largest mortgage lender in the country.

Parents and grandparents supported the nationwide purchase of $317 billion worth of property –1.2 million homes – last year, according to a newly released study from the Legal & General Group, a multinational financial services institution.

One in five of buyers received gifts or interest-free loans from family members, the study shows. The average amount buyers received from them was $39,000. The Pacific region saw the greatest share of young adults receiving financial help in buying; the Rocky Mountain region saw the lowest.

More than half – 51 percent – of prospective home buyers under the age of 35 say they expect to have help from their family or friends when buying a home.

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