I rented out my home. The tenants turned it into a brothel.

By James Innes-Smith

I had been in Los Angeles for less than a month when I received the call from a concerned neighbour back home in London. ‘Why are there men queuing up outside your flat at 3 a.m.?’ It was a good question.

‘And are you aware that a locksmith came over the other day to change your locks?’

I had no idea.

‘Oh and by the way, your tenant has put some kind of security camera outside your front door.’

Concern turned to panic.

‘And there’s been rather a lot of … erm, activity, you know … to-ing and fro-ing. That tenant of yours certainly has an appetite for the ladies.’

My neighbour must have been mistaken. I had rented my apartment to Alan and Ada, a respectable young Chinese couple. They agreed to rent my place for three months, which coincided perfectly with my trip to the US.

It soon became clear that Alan and Ada weren’t quite the charming married couple they had made themselves out to be. When I returned, Alan greeted me at the door but refused to let me in. Over his shoulder, I spotted Ada berating a pair of scantily clad Asian girls. A couple of ropey-looking men sat patiently in my hallway, which appeared to be doubling as a waiting room.

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