Real Estate Stalking

Snooping online proves to be an easier way of finding out what a homeowner paid for a property. A recent poll of more than 500 homeowners found that 52 percent of respondents admit they have spied online to track how much friends and family paid for their houses, according to a poll by Branded Research.

Homeowners say they are simply curious what someone else paid for a property, how much it’s worth currently, and how much is paid in taxes. Many real estate sites offer a place where you can plug in an address to see a home’s worth and often even more information.

“The info is so easy to come by,” Anna Davies, a 33-year-old Jersey City, N.J., resident, told® about her real estate stalking habit. “It’s gossipy and it’s definitely something I’ve brought up with other friends: ‘Do you know how much Mary’s parents spent on their new condo?’”

Certain age groups are more likely to snoop than others.


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