The Cash Flow Note Business Is Unique

“This is, after all, the business of buying and selling money.” — Michael Ira Meeker

Every cash flow note broker and investor should be profoundly grateful to Michael Ira Meeker, for he is virtually the founder of the note brokerage business. He was the first person to teach note brokerage. He is responsible for more successful cash flow note brokers than anyone else in history.

by Michael Ira Meeker

Whatever financial success I’ve been able to realize is directly attributable to three things:

1. Education. I’ve had excellent teachers. These include Peter Fortunato (, the late Jack Miller (, John Schaub ( and Jimmy Napier (

Beyond that I really do not see the value in the high-dollar seminars that are being offered around the country. Far too much Barnum and Bailey for my taste.

2. Attitude. I never was one to work for a large company and I think I was fired from every normal job I ever had. I craved independence and freedom. If I was to ever be able to live off investments then I needed to find a field that would allow someone who was eager but broke to do well.

The note investment business turned out to be just the ticket, and I believe there is more opportunity today than there has ever been.

3. Perseverance. I was taught early the dangers of over-analysing, also known as “analysis paralysis.” There is no substitute for getting on the street and working constantly to put together deals.

The code is READY, FIRE, AIM.

Too many people spend far too much time trying to fine-tune and aim precisely, thinking that ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ will get them where they want to go.

Don’t get me wrong. Preparation is vital. But the mantra ‘Just Do It’ is certainly the key to success in this business.

I think you have to have some inner, burning need to achieve your goals to make it in this business. My inner need was based on my fear of ever having to get a real job and having my freedom taken away from me.

I have always been a driven man.

If you want success badly enough then this is a great business, a very rewarding business. This is, after all, the business of buying and selling money.

There is no substitute for working harder and working smarter. The person who brings energy and integrity to our business will prosper. The road map to success is clear, though not well-traveled.

I think that anyone desiring success in our business needs to take the courses offered by THE PAPER SOURCE.

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  1. Thak you. I’m 70 years old and have worked all my life. I have a nice home and a very good wife. Making money was not shown. I wish that I had what is available now. Good Luck.


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