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Another Reason To Avoid Cryptocurrencies
Think Realty Podcast On Notes With Paper Source President Bill Mencarow​​​​​​​

Is It Possible To Get 18% Yields Safely?​​​​​​​ Click on the image below:

Federal court rules CFPB structure unconstitutional
How To Foil Wire Fraudsters

Man Gets 24 Loans on Two Properties, Then Defaults​​​​​​​
Make Under $117K? In SF, You Can Get Taxpayers’ Money For Housing
FRAUD ALERT:  Hackers Steal $15 million From US Wire Transfers​​​​​​​
Can Blockchain be a Solution to Mortgage Wire Fraud?

How Asset Forfeiture Laws Can Destroy Your Investments — And Your Life
“I rented out my home. The tenants turned it into a brothel”
Rental Real Estate, Esp. Multifamily, Booming​​​​​​​

Here Are The 20 Hottest Housing Markets In The US
Mortgage Delinquencies Fall to 11-Year Low — Each State’s Stats​​​​​​​

US house prices predicted to rise 2x inflation and wages​​​​​​​
‘Hypervacancy’ Reaches ‘Epidemic Levels’​​​​​​​
Are Cryptocurrencies Coming to Real Estate Transactions?
Mulvaney Drains Part of the Swamp by Firing 25 CFPB Board Members
Seattle City Council Tries To Silence Free Speech of Landlords​​​​​​​
SCAM ALERT: Real Estate Wire Fraudsters Arrested​​​​​​​

Opinion: How Do Civil Wars Happen?​​​​​​​
Flip loans command juicy interest rates of 8% to 12% but come with risks
Mortgage Rates Rising At Pace Not Seen In Almost 50 Years​​​​​​​
Small-Time Real Estate Investors Team Up for Big-Time Profits​​​​​​​
New York Targeting Lease Options​​​​​​​
More CNN Fake News: Nonbank mortgage lenders are “toxic”​​​​​​​

The CFPB Want’s To Know What You Think Of Them — Here’s How To Do It
Florida Attempting to Regulate Private Mortgages​​​​​​​
If You Buy Or Sell California Real Estate, Better Know About This​​​​​​​
2017 Marks 12 Year Low In Foreclosures

An Exclusive Peek Into Elizabeth Warren’s Luxurious CFPB Headquarters 

Credit Scores Just Became Much Less Useful
ALERT: Cybercrime Threatening Transactions​​​​​​​
Media’s Spotlight On Contract For Deed Abuses May Make Them Illegal
Sen. Feinstein’s Husband’s $19 BILLION Real Estate Deal

Most Undervalued U.S. Cities in 2017
The Govt. Can Seize Your Property Without Paying You A Dime

Supreme Court Limits Rights Of Property Owners
CFPB Doubles DownInflation Explained​​​​​​​

Supreme Court: NPN Investors Not Subject To Debt Collection Laws​​​​​​​
3 Ways Dodd-Frank Repeal Will Affect Real Estate & Notes

50-State Property Tax Comparison Study​​​​​​​ Released
ALERT: Wire Fraudsters Targeting Real Estate Transactions​​​​​​​
The Good & Bad News About Recent Note Creation
States Are Moving Toward Fast-Tracking ForeclosuresHome Prices Growing Twice As Fast As Incomes

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